Opening the Cosmic Window

30 miles east of San Diego in an unassuming building in El Cajon exists the Unarius Science Academy. Unarius is an acronym for “Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science”.

The academy was founded in 1954 by Ernest Norman (Raphiel) and his wife Ruth E. Norman (Uriel) and purports to “advance a new interdimensional science of life based upon fourth dimensional physics principles”. They are preparing for a future time “when we will be joined, once again, with the Interplanetary Confederation – and share cultural and scientific knowledge for the betterment of all people.” They also believe that Nikola Tesla was an alien who provided blueprints to create an unlimited supply of free energy in the form of Power Towers.

Power Tower Diagram

After Ernest’s death, Uriel took over in the form of Ruth E. Norman and lead the group until her passing to the next dimension in 1993. Ureil has appeared in many forms through human history – as Buddha, Jesus’ wife, Krishna, Quezecotal and Da Vinci among others. Photos and Paintings of Uriel appear throughout the academy where she appears dressed somewhere between Sun-Ra and the good fairy from the Wizard of Oz.


I was given a guided tour by Billie McIntyre who very graciously explained the exhibits and paintings in the academy. Billie painted some of the more interesting images, including “The Re-Awakening” which depicts Uriel converting Satan from evil to good. I was also lucky to see the famous UFO-Cadillac parked around back.


The Unarians also have some fantastic educational videos on YouTube that explain the basic tenets of the group and feature awesome 1970’s special effects. This video depicts a primitive human encountering Uriel in all her splendor:

It seems appropriate that this particular form of spirituality would make its home in Southern California, where a sun-baked, blissed-out culture combines with a sense that anything is possible.

View more photos of the Academy at the Flickr set here.